Why the Name Change?

As far as websites go we have been www.caryendo.com for over 20 years. But Dr. Odom (previous Endodontist) did not use this name in his everyday business. When Dr. Campbell took over the practice, the website name CARY ENDO became the new "doing business as" name. Over the past 6 years there have been confusions with a few businesses in the area, namely Cary "Endodontics", Cary Endocrine and Cary Endoscopy (who currently have huge "Cary Endo" sign on the outside of their building).

This year in particular there have been dozens of patients that have used GPS and it has taken them to any of the 3 business mentioned previously. Needless to say, this causes undo travel and frustration. So, with all of these issues, we made the decision to change our name. There will be some hiccups and the logistics involved have been difficult. But we hope as time goes by our patients and our incredible referring doctors will transition with no problem. Nothing else is changing, we will still continue to offer one of the best endodontic treatment offices in the greater triangle area.

Thank-you for your patience during this transition and we look forward to the future growth of Advanced Endodontics, office of Steven Campbell!